SCCI Freight

The Freight division at Southern Cargo serves as our backbone, commanding presence in 178 locations across most industrial towns and port cities in India, and beyond it through extended services to border adjoining areas of neighbouring countries. The division offers a host of logistic services including those in the FTL segment, door to door services, Rail forwarding services as well as inter modal services.

While FTL services occupy the flagship position in this array of services, flexibility and cost advantages are enabled by combining road, rail and even coastal transportation in the form of multimodal options. Trans-shipment facilities allow access to remote locations while impacting the costs positively. The division undertakes primary and secondary movements for a variety of cargo types – bulk /break bulk/ liquid bulk/general, including hazardous and over-dimensional ones.

Strengths of the Southern Cargo Freight division include a huge fleet base which can be accessed through our associates as per customer requirements, as well as owned fleet. Leveraging technology and following efficient processes add further strength to the division. Held high by a combination of these significant advantages, the Southern Cargo Freight Division occupies a masthead position and adds immense value to the logistics of a wide customer base.