What We Do



Services of Southern Cargo Carriers (India) is Well connected with road,air and rail freight.Ensuring secured and timely delivery.

Broad categories of SCC(I) services include
1. Supply Chain Management.
2. Distribution Service.
3. Emergency/timely Services.


Supply Chain Management

Starting from point of origin to point of consumption SCC(I) provides customer centric transportation service. The exerience of management and administrative staff at SCC(I) designs,plans,executes,controls,and monitors the supply chain activities with an objective of creating net value, buliding a comeritive infrastructure, leveraging worldwide logistics, and finally to synchronize supply with demand.


Distriution Service

SCC(I) offers customized Distribution Service that helps the FMCG products reach dealers or resellers or distributors or retailers Record Tonnage to 400-500 Consignments everyday.SCC(I) innovates robust models for distribution that cut costs, time and also efforts.The distribution service of SCC(I) is custom made for every product.


Emergency or Timely Services

SCC(I) is best known for flexible logistic solutions that address the specific needs of emergency or timely need of product transporation.SCC(I) with a well established netword ensures round_the_xlock clearing service at any place.We also take-up shipments clearance.


Features of SCC(I) Service

1.Multi-zonal connectivity to ensure strong network.
2.Good condition, exclusive vehicles to ensure on-time delivery .
3.Experienced drivers and administrative staff to ensure safe handling and transit.
4.Latest technology gadgets to ensure no gap in communications.
5.Emergency Cell to ensure to attend to any intricacy at any place.